Water damage restoration guide and techniques in Torrance

Water damage restoration guide and techniques.

Water damage can cause severe damage to your property structure, dryrot and mold the recomendation after water damage occur in a building is to act fast and not wait.

First to remove the source by extracting water as much as possible removing the wet pad or carpet underlayment( caution not to rip or tear carpet, be carfull with sharp nails wooden strips that may be rust it due of water) , move any furniture away from the affected area by placing a foil under wet tables chairs legs. for heavy furniture set on blocks can be 2 by 4s we recomend to hire a professional movers . to dry any affected structure set up a moisture barrier this will help the drying equipment air movers (fans) and dehumidifiers will work only in the affected area, for example if a room 25 x 15 and got water only half area.

set up the a plastic sheeting half and contain only the affected area not the entire room.

this tips is to help the initial drying process only, 1st Restoration highly recomend to use a professional water damage restoration company.

To make sure tha any affected structure reach the normal moisture it is recomended to use moisture detection equipment.

1st Restoration use professional moisture detection instruments onlycall us at 310 328-6065

We use low ampearge air movers (fans) and dehumidifiers and monitor on daily bases until reach the normal moisture content. 1st Restoration will bill insurance direct and we work with most insurance companies, we do free inspection and our technicians are honest and freindly.

We serve in the city of Torrance and also all Los Angeles areas.

Water damage

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