Water damage removal experts

An experience water damage restoration or mold remediator technician must be certified by IICRC also the experience on the field that will be the most important

Every water or mold loss are unique but most are handle the same way the only different is the damage areas the method need to be use and the right calculation of equipment use and monitoring of the job

example :

Using the same method to dry hardwood floor vs. drying walls to reach to it’s normal moisture content each one will take longer to dry the other one may need a different type of equipment.

Drying a crawl space and drying inside a house there is a different inside both areas’ temperature.

Also make sure to do all test before removing any wet building material.

Carpet may dry in a day but under it wood sub-floor or even concrete slab it may look dry even you touch but a concrete can hold lot of moisture, there are several moisture detection instruments that are very important to use to find out how much or how far the water hit a building.

Other instruments are infrared cameras that can detect moisture at high ceiling walls roof , this equipment measure temperature the in the picture or video people can see a spots with different colors or if you turn on white and black the spots only will be in the dark color

And there are more and more water damage or mold remediation dos and don’ts when working on this water damage restoration industry

Number one is the technician experience and then the equipment to use and how to use it

Water damage

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