There are 3 categories of water loss and the IICRC S500 is a Standard, reference and guide for the water damage professional technicians.

How to determine the categories differences from category 1 and 2,. the 3 category is obvious contain high contaminan or other harmful agents like sewage back ups rivers, sea water overflood and other sources.

A water damage! when and how become category 2 if the source was a clean potable water line. or when category 2 becomes category 3

Category 2 can be consider from a water loss source was cause from toilet, laundry washer, or dishwasher units or when is not benn clean or remove right away and the water runs over old building materials or to others rooms traps with urine with not feces or in worse case after 48 can become category 3 due to microbial growth or if the water cross over contaminants or harmful agents can be consider to category 3.

It is high recommend to clean as soon as possible to prevent more damage to your structure.

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Water damage

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